No Boxes Included

I’ve always liked small things. Itty bitty containers. Pocket-sized purses. Tiny tea cups.

These days, my life is filled with meetings and marketing during the day and three sets of tiny hands at night. The tiny containers have exceeded their capacity. They are no longer useful.

And I am no longer satisfied.

You see the small-ness goes far beyond my shopping habits. It’s a measuring tool I use in prayer. I often ask for answers and for God in doses I can spoon into my small boxes.

The One whom the scripture says uses the earth as His footstool

…boxed in.

The One who stretched out the heavens like a canopy over the earth


The One whose words spoke galaxies into existence


He simply will not fit into my box.Or yours.

He invites us into the depths of his infinite love,  to fill us with His fullness. He wants to show us the majesty and beauty of His Kingdom and to bring it to earth to show the world what He’s really like!

No boxes included.

So these days, my prayers are big. They reach beyond material possessions and cry out for miracles unveiled.

My requests soar past financial provision and yearn for heaven’s vision of abundance and freedom.

In case you’re wondering what I did with the old box…I put my fear in it and I buried it.

Boxes are for dead things, anyway!

How about you dear one? Are you tired of the box, yet? If so, join me in praying some bold and audacious prayers.

2 thoughts on “No Boxes Included

  1. Jayjoel Nans says:

    Time is the only factor that separates everything from happening all at once, give it time no one will ignore your voice.
    Powerful stuff thanks for blessing us.


  2. Kelly says:

    “I often ask for answers and for God in doses I can spoon into my small boxes.” —> I LOVE THIS!

    Thank you for the wonderful reminder of how awesome He is! PRAY BIG!!!


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