I’m a follower of Christ and recovering control freak. A lover of words and stories, I believe the greatest love story ever told is of the Bridegroom and King who in relentless pursuit of His Bride. Everyday I am learning to live loved and teaching others to do the same.

For ten years I’ve served as Events & Public Relations Director in non-profit ministries, which gives me a unique perspective as a speaker working with event planners.

I have Bachelors in Communication Arts and I’ve had the pleasure of speaking at women’s retreats and conferences, Bible Studies and serving in Women’s ministry in a variety of roles for more than a decade.

I enjoy being outside (as long as the bugs don’t bug me)! When I have time (which is at a premium these days), my favorite thing to do is drink a cup of homemade hot chocolate and read historical fiction.

My heart’s passion is to create safe spaces where women can rediscover their purpose, refresh their hearts and begin to take steps to live the life they were born for.  I do this for groups via retreats and conferences and one-on-one through a five week program called Vocationality.  Interested in learning more?



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