Come Ahead!


If I had my choice between the ocean or the mountains…I would choose both. I’d like to find a place that is equal driving distance. Because, let’s face it, sometimes I feel like hiking up the mountain and sometimes I’m just not that interested in working up a sweat! Continue reading

Wood Work

A friend inspired me to refinish the hardwood floors in my living room. My two year old and four year old helped to inspire me by using the beige carpet as a large art canvas. So out with old and in with the older…
I moved the furniture, pulled up the carpet, revealing the original hardwood floors circa 1937.  They were damaged. And they were beautiful

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I see you!


El Roi

There are days, when a girl can feel just downright exhausted. It’s like this…

You’ve been traveling for more hours than you care to count and there are no rest stops in sight. It’s difficult to keep focused on the road ahead when it’s raining and the gps on your phone has stopped working. It’s dark and you’re on a two-lane road in cow country. You’ve run out of snacks, you’ve had too much water and did I mention there are no rest stops nearby?  Continue reading

Where’s your sword?


Olivia is a sweet, flower picking, kiss giving, hug giving girl. She’s sweet and gentle just like the meaning of her first name.  

Her brother is a warrior who rescues his sister from imaginary dragons with swords.

One day, seth decided it would be fun to pretend to be a dragon. Livi shrieked and ran in fear. Hiding behind me in the kitchen, she said, “Mama, there’s a dragon in the living room!”

“Sweet girl,” I said, “On the Baity team, we don’t run away from dragons. We run toward them! Where’s your sword?”

With giggles and courage-filled shrieks we grabbed our swords and ran toward the dragon.

Dear One,

Does Fear seems to be a constant companion? Does it threaten to steal any hope of victory? Does it rear it’s ugly head anytime you get close to what has been promised?

Can you hear Him? Can you hear the gentle voice of your Father?

“Sweet girl, Where’s your sword?”

Break up with Fear! Use the sword to sever those unholy ties

Today, turn the fight around and instead of running away from the Dragon. Run toward him. He has something that belongs to you!

Swords up, eyes up, Girls!  The Lord is your strength!



Keep Your Swim Suit On!



I’ve turned nearly every family activity into a surprise, to keep my sanity. If I don’t the endless sea of questions will prove too difficult to navigate for me and the family voyage will be lost at sea. It’s parenting at it’s finest …It’s survival🙂

So, last week, on a 80 degree day, I told my husband I wanted to take the children to a local spray ground. Continue reading

Before giving an answer


I am the queen of speaking before I listen fully. In my kingdom, the introverted queen is completely spent by the time I return to the palace. I have give and listened to far too many words each day and I am all out. This produces impatience. Meanwhile on the other side of the kingdom there is a small boy who will grow to be king. He loves telling short stories with as many words as his 4 yo brain can muster…especially when he is being disciplined.

Sometimes, our kingdoms collide…
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Journey into the wilderness…

Hey friends! This week, I thought it would be fun to share with you an excerpt from the retreat this weekend. The Lord did amazing things through all the speakers and through the prayers of those planning the event!

The theme for the weekend was “Letting go of Control so that God can have Complete Control.” This workshop (split into 2 sessions) aligned with the theme but from the perspective of a bride and her journey into the wilderness…

This is from session 1… Enjoy!


What do you think? Do you have trouble letting go of control? How has it impacted your life and others?