Got Questions?

“‘Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.’” Jeremiah 33:3

Have you ever been in conversation with a three-year-old? My little one is constantly asking questions about people, places and random things and she is relentless: 

Mama, where are we going?

Why are goin ‘der? 

Can I go wit’ you? 

It’s hilarious and exhausting. What I love about her is she asks with her heart wide open and full of faith knowing I will have an answer for her even if it isn’t the answer she’s expecting. 

In Genesis 25, it seems Rebekah has a similar idea. We see Isaac cry out to God for his wife to be able to conceive. The Lord answers by blessing Rebekah with twins. But the twins struggle so fiercely in her womb that it causes her much pain and agony. (I remember my son using my insides for soccer practice, I felt like he was trying to escape through my rib cage! I can’t imagine having two babies fighting! Poor Rebekah!).

Rebekah wants to know why. So she takes her question to the only One who can answer it. What I love is that God doesn’t criticize her for asking. He doesn’t say, “I’m sovereign. Deal with it!” Like a good father, he shares his heart with her. In Genesis 25:22-23, God takes her question and gives her a promise. As we read Rebekah’s story and how it unfolds throughout a generation, we can see God’s presence and providence. 

Like He did for Rebekah, God exchanges our questions for promises loaded with exactly what we need to endure. He promises to be our provision even when we endure times of lack. He promises to be present with us even in times of trouble and more.

In my own life, I’m trying to be a little more like my three-year-old. I’m learning to take my questions to The Father with an open heart. It’s a dialogue with him that deepens our relationship. He gives me insight into His heart. He recalibrates my heart to his sovereignty, kindness, and providence in every circumstance … even if it means I don’t get the answer I was expecting.

Take some time this week to take your why to The Father. Let it spark a conversation where He refreshes your hope and shows you His character. Even if He doesn’t give the answer you want, He will answer. Use your journal to record your conversation with Him. You can come back to those answers when you need encouragement or clarity.

This post was first published in Rooted, Volume 2. (c) 2022 Rooted Moms Ministries Week 4,

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