Eat up!

My middle girl has a knack for snacks. Before a meal, after a meal...even during a meal. If she sees it, she wants it. It drives me crazy. I often wonder if she is really hungry. Especially since we just had dinner... how can she possibly ask for an apple (or another snack) when she … Continue reading Eat up!


Obey Your Thirst

Goals. Everyone is talking about goals for the new year. From slimming down the waistline to slimming down the budget. One of my goals is to be more aware of the words that are coming out of my mouth. To do that I'm becoming more aware of what's going into my spirit and my body. … Continue reading Obey Your Thirst

Sleeping Beauty

Have the flames of 2017 threatened to engulf your dreams? You are not alone, Beloved. There is a majestic beauty that only emerges through intense heat, time and pressure. Hang in there, Beautiful...


Each imperfection tells a story about Him. Each one contributes to the splendor of the finished work. You are His Beloved masterpeice. Read today's post for more.