For years, I’ve had the privilege of sharing with women messages that challenge them to push away from the shores of their current walk with Jesus and go a  bit deeper. From women’s retreats and conferences to Bible studies and Chapel services–I love using the power of stories to illustrate God’s timeless Truth.  I look forward to partnering with you for your next event!

A Bit About My Story

The granddaughter of a pastor, daughter of ministers, and wife of a chef–my life’s story is steeped in service to Christ and His Beloved Bride. Trained in public speaking with nearly a decade of experience, I have been able to share with groups both, at home, in the U.S. and abroad.

My professional experience as a Special Events Director for a non-profit gives me a unique perspective. My goals, now that I am on the other side of the planning, are simple:

  1. Hear the heart of the host organization.
  2. Share the heart of the Father in a way that is high energy and Biblically based with a practical application.
  3. Keep the business side of the interactions as simple as possible.

Speaking Topics

I speak on a number of topics  depending on the theme of the event. Some of my favorites include:
What To Do When Hope Goes MIA
The Divine Exchange: How to Recover from an Identity Crisis
Restoring Trust in the Father’s Heart

 I have presented for both keynotes and workshops or any combination. I would love to hear your heart regarding the women you’re serving and the event you’re planning.

An excerpt from a women’s retreat In Northeast Ohio. The theme of the retreat was “Letting go of Control.” This is session 1 of 2.


Lonette delivers a clear, timely and powerfully packed message that transforms the “hearer” with a lasting impact.
-Laura Strabley, Executive Director Carolina Pregnancy Center, Greenville, North Carolina

“Don’t be fooled by her petite stature and soft-spoken nature. Lonette Baity is bold and engages an audience beautifully. Her powerful storytelling takes the truths of Scripture and brings them to life in a fresh and relevant way. Spirit-led. Hearts touched. Lives transformed.”  

-Stefanie Libertore, Author & Speaker Canton, Ohio

Lonette Baity has spoken for our church (True Light Christian Ministries) on several occasions. She has been our retreat speaker on two occasions and in both instances she had participants wanting to hear every word. She uses props and story telling that leave a lasting impression on the audience she is speaking to. For instance several years ago while telling a story, she used the phrase “stay in the jeep”. Even now, she is referred to as the ‘stay in the jeep lady’ and the statement is used often among the ladies to remind them how to handle situations.  
When Lonette speaks, she connects with and engages her audience. It seems as if she is speaking directly to you, even in a room full of people. She has great impact and knows how to manage the room of participants. She also relates to all age groups.
-Pastor Gary & Debra Martin, True Light Christian Ministries, Canton, Ohio

Lonette Baity—a performer, a speaker, a facilitator and an amazing woman! Lonette has managed to out-perform all expectations everywhere she has gone. Why? Because not only does she speak to the crowd or participate in the event, she also creates a bond with those she is serving.  If you want the real deal to show up, ask for Lonette. You will never be disappointed—she brings with her sparkle, wisdom, wit and joy. She has stories of children, adventures and disappointments. In all her experiences, she is able to bring to the forefront great growth and leadership. I can highly recommend her for your next exciting speaking engagement.
– Jill Taylor, Executive Director Pregnancy Choices, a Northeast Ohio Alliance

What’s Next?

Thank you for taking the time to let me share a bit of my story! I’d love to hear yours and talk about your event!


Please allow 3-5 business days for a response.