A New Thing

Hi friends! It's been a while and I've missed you! I've taken a break over the last few months to regroup and process some of the things God's doing. Want to learn more? Check out the video post below. I hope it's encouraging to you! Be Brave, -L  

Facing Forward

As I prepare for an upcoming women's retreat for next weekend, I thought I would share the word the Holy Spirit is whispering into my heart, this morning. The same fear that keeps you "safe" also keeps you from entering the promised land. Israel could not enter the promise land because they were determined to hold on … Continue reading Facing Forward

No Boxes Included

I’ve always liked small things. Itty bitty containers. Pocket-sized purses. Tiny tea cups. These days, my life is filled with meetings and marketing during the day and three sets of tiny hands at night. The tiny containers have exceeded their capacity. They are no longer useful. And I am no longer satisfied. You see the … Continue reading No Boxes Included

Dead or Alive?

I have a thing for real Christmas trees. Always have. For me…it makes Christmas, well real… The other day as I was sitting quietly in my living room I was struck by this question: Is your tree alive? The question was almost silly. "Of course it is! My tree is big and gorgeous and green. … Continue reading Dead or Alive?