Timing is everything

I remember when I really felt the push from heaven to begin writing Waiting Well. Although the idea had been sparked in my heart years earlier, I didn’t have the words to actually begin writing. A month or so after I had Judah Rose, I knew it was time to begin. It was the most … Continue reading Timing is everything

Obey Your Thirst

Goals. Everyone is talking about goals for the new year. From slimming down the waistline to slimming down the budget. One of my goals is to be more aware of the words that are coming out of my mouth. To do that I'm becoming more aware of what's going into my spirit and my body. … Continue reading Obey Your Thirst

No Boxes Included

I’ve always liked small things. Itty bitty containers. Pocket-sized purses. Tiny tea cups. These days, my life is filled with meetings and marketing during the day and three sets of tiny hands at night. The tiny containers have exceeded their capacity. They are no longer useful. And I am no longer satisfied. You see the … Continue reading No Boxes Included

YES! to joy

There are times in my life when I felt like I was in the desert.  I'm not talking about a quick little jaunt over to Vegas. I'm talking the wilderness of Sinai, here folks--40 years around the mountain. I have been frustrated and grumbling, wandering around, exhausted, in need of sustenance. When I finally, came … Continue reading YES! to joy