Timing is everything

I remember when I really felt the push from heaven to begin writing Waiting Well. Although the idea had been sparked in my heart years earlier, I didn’t have the words to actually begin writing. A month or so after I had Judah Rose, I knew it was time to begin. It was the most … Continue reading Timing is everything

Roll away the stone

I’ve always been a “Daddy’s girl.” As a little girl I wanted to truly belong to God--to listen to His voice and go wherever He wanted me. I had faith so big I thought it would move mountains---literal mountains :). We shared our hearts and dreams and plans.   As I grew older, I still … Continue reading Roll away the stone

Search and Find

Do you remember Highlight Magazines for children? I was always frustrated by the picture puzzles. I could never seem to find all the pictures on the list. However, as I enjoy the search with my own children (in the Highlight app) I find them most intriguing. To hide something in plain view of the reader … Continue reading Search and Find

As long As it Takes

Several weeks ago I cut my finger using a mandolin. If you don't know what that is, don't feel badly. I didn't either. My husband gave it to me a number of years ago. It's a kitchen gadget that gives you the ability to slice veggies very thin or in various patterns. The blade is … Continue reading As long As it Takes

Let It All Burn!

Fire. I want it. I need it. I pray to walk in holy fire and I hear the promise that it will come. I see visions of fire. The Pillar of Fire to guide. The all consuming Fire that purifies. The Fire that wounds. The Fire that heals. The Fire that speaks. But the fire … Continue reading Let It All Burn!

Eat up!

My middle girl has a knack for snacks. Before a meal, after a meal...even during a meal. If she sees it, she wants it. It drives me crazy. I often wonder if she is really hungry. Especially since we just had dinner... how can she possibly ask for an apple (or another snack) when she … Continue reading Eat up!

Obey Your Thirst

Goals. Everyone is talking about goals for the new year. From slimming down the waistline to slimming down the budget. One of my goals is to be more aware of the words that are coming out of my mouth. To do that I'm becoming more aware of what's going into my spirit and my body. … Continue reading Obey Your Thirst