Facing Forward

As I prepare for an upcoming women’s retreat for next weekend, I thought I would share the word the Holy Spirit is whispering into my heart, this morning.

The same fear that keeps you “safe” also keeps you from entering the promised land.

Israel could not enter the promise land because they were determined to hold on to the past. Their fear paralyzed them, led them to disobey God, and kept them focused on the past “comforts of captivity” in Egypt. In turn, they forfeited the abundance in the promised land and instead their children obtained the promise.

Beloved, there is so much God desires for us. Let us  and turn our eyes forward, toward Jesus and obtain His promises.

Here’s a quick video I posted on the retreat event page! Enjoy. Register soon! The deadline is April 23!  Check out the True Light Christian Ministries event page for registration and event details here!





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