Waiting in the garden…


Did you know faithfulness is a fruit of the Spirit?

According to study notes in the NASB, there are two ways we can read this verse in Psalms is feed on His faithfulness and cultivate faithfulness.

Yep. I’m just going to put that down right there and let you stew on it for a week.

Cultivate faithfulness.
Feed on His faithfulness.

When God’s chosen people were held captive in Babylon, they believed it would be a short wait before they experienced deliverance. Do you know what God told them? In Jeremiah 29, He said

Build houses, plant gardens, eat the food produced.

In other words, get comfy. It’s gonna be a while! He wanted them to engage their hearts, minds, and find purpose in the waiting. (A good read. Check it out, friends.)

Here are some things we can ponder until next time:

Where does he want you to cultivate the fruit of faithfulness, while you are waiting?

How can you feed on His faithfulness in this season?

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