While we are waiting…


Since last week’s post I have been contemplating what waiting well looks like on a daily basis.

And I landed in Psalm 37.

It’s rich. I have to unpack it, process it a bit. And I know it will take me a few weeks.

The first question that rang in my heart is,

“Is He worthy of my trust?”

And if my answer is yes…” Am I waiting for Him like I trust Him?”

If I am not…well…what does that indicate about the true state of my heart?

Ouch! THAT stings bit. It’s a tender spot but He is gentle. He is The Healer and He is always at work even while we are waiting.

In fact, the things He reveals/heals in our hearts during the waiting, will prove instrumental in the next leg of this journey. That is something worth waiting for!

What about you brave one? What does trust look like for you right now?

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