Still waiting?


If you’re anything like me… You’re not a fan of waiting. And if you’re still breathing, you’re probably waiting for something.

There are times the waiting area seems like a wide spacious place. Other times, it seems like you’re a passenger on a Boeing Jet, strapped into a cramped seat while the pilot is circling the runway (and he has been for an hour).  You’re almost there…but not yet.

The last few posts on waiting have been written as encouragement if you’re in one of those –ahem, more “challenging” seasons.

Today, my heart needed this reminder: LET LOVE CALL THE SHOTS. Yours too?

Fear wants to tell us to hold onto the familiar, to try to control situations, people, etc. Since we can’t control the timing.

Let’s resist that.

Lean into Love–The love that is perfect, complete, and trust worthy.

Perfect love casts out fear 1John4:18

Be brave, dear one. May His Love make you courageous today as we wait for His promise. May His love comfort us and reassure us. He is a good, good Father

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