Waiting for Sunday


Can you imagine what it must have been like for the women who were waiting for Resurrection Sunday? The women who watched where Jesus was buried, had to leave the tomb and then wait.

…to perform their final act of adoration
…to say a final goodbye
…to bid their Dream farewell.

Devastation crashed upon the shores of their hearts. Death had come to the Hope of Israel. Everything they had thought to be true had crumbled before their eyes.

I’ve been there. I’m guessing you have too.

What these women didn’t realize is that in the stillness and quietness, a war is taking place on a much deeper level.

A battle for the heart. For faith. For freedom.

They didn’t remember the promise they were given (verse)

Today, may I encourage you?

Remember the One you are waiting for.
Remember His words.
Remember His promise. 

He will act.
He will not keep silent forever.
He will not delay.

When it is time, He will return…with resurrection power!

Be brave, dear ones. Wait well.

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