Timing is everything

I remember when I really felt the push from heaven to begin writing Waiting Well. Although the idea had been sparked in my heart years earlier, I didn’t have the words to actually begin writing. A month or so after I had Judah Rose, I knew it was time to begin. It was the most … Continue reading Timing is everything


Spring is finally here! There is something about living through a dark and gloomy winter in the Midwest that makes the warmth and smells of spring even sweeter. I've craved the sunshine and warmer temps. And I'm not the only one! As I drove around today and observed neighbors, everyone just seems a bit happier. … Continue reading Beautiful

Waiting for Sunday

Can you imagine what it must have been like for the women who were waiting for Resurrection Sunday? The women who watched where Jesus was buried, had to leave the tomb and then wait. ...to perform their final act of adoration ...to say a final goodbye ...to bid their Dream farewell. Devastation crashed upon the … Continue reading Waiting for Sunday


My son knows I will keep my word. But his excitement and anxiety screams louder than the truth of my character sometimes. My four year old and i have a lot in common.

Yes! To focus

My husband is a bit of a shutter bug. He picked up the hobby a couple of years ago and he's really good at it. When we're both tired of his face missing from the memories, I trade places with him. And that's when it all goes wrong. No matter how he simplifies the instructions … Continue reading Yes! To focus

Yes! To waiting

Our culture is obsessed with movement. Forward. Onward. Upward. The fastest route to get to the best location. Impatience is now a virtue. What no one tells you is that in real life, waiting isn't optional. One of the most fascinating Bible characters is Daniel. He lived in exile with a promise of returning home … Continue reading Yes! To waiting