YES! To quietness


I grapple with quietness. Sometimes, even when I’m trying to be quiet, everything inside me screams, fights, whines.

It’s hard sometimes to just quietly accept the way things are. The fact that there are some things, some people that I can not change.

What I am learning is that I can change me. I can choose quietness…even when I don’t feel like it. I can change my response.

What if today I listened to a dream without immediately thinking of 100 reasons why we shouldn’t be doing this, why it isn’t possible?  

What if I choose not to grumble but instead searched for gratitude as one searches for diamonds?

What if I choose to dig a bit deeper for a moment longer, to keep focused and quietly take a breath?

What if I chose quietness? Will it make a difference?

YES! I think it will… in me. Choosing quietness will eventually come more easily. It will take a little (O.K. probably a lot of) practice. For now, for today, I will just say YES!

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