Day 6: YES! to the Man


It’s 7:30…Do you know where your preschoolers are?

Yes! Yes, I do…they are at home and I am not.

Today I said YES to my husband when he came home early and asked if I wanted to get out of the house. I said “No!” to guilt. I said “No!” to wanting bedtime to go “my way” and just said “YES!” to getting out of dodge!

Why don’t I say YES more often?
Why do I hold tightly to my little ones? Oh for so many reasons. Here are a few (Can you see yourself?)

  1. Even when I’m exhausted, I don’t want to miss a single moment with them–bedtime is the BEST snuggle time.
  2. Sometimes I hold onto them because I know the man has worked every day for the last 30+ and I don’t want him to worry with the bedtime wars.(Let me tell you friends, nothing brings you to the end of your sanity after a hard day of work, then wrestling a toddler and preschooler down for bedtime–they can bring a grown man to his knees…literally!)
  3. Sometimes I’m just trying to get it done. My system works (even if it’s just in my head–most days). I just want to get it done, quickly and efficiently, so I can have a moment with him, alone.


But as I sit here, alone at Starbucks sipping my passion fruit tea, I can see the tiny chards of self-centeredness that plague my heart.  You see, the man loves being a human jungle gym. Every time I play the martyr, I unknowingly dishonor his role as their dad (and as my husband). I deny him the joy of spending time with them (ahem, without me). Each time I say no, I rob my munchkins of the joy and unique experience that only their daddy can provide.  Plus, dads need bedtime cuddles, too!

Tonight, I choose to say yes to them! In turn, I say yes to much-needed time alone with the Patron Saint of coffee and tea drinkers… St. Arbucks 🙂

Friend, may I challenge you? Next time, before you say no, take a moment and think of why. Is there a chard or two of self-centeredness in your heart? Maybe consider saying yes…just this one time. Who knows? You might actually enjoy it!

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