Press On


Faithfulness is hard work. And sometimes I don’t feel like working hard! Sometimes I don’t feel like working at all. I want to sleep in and hide under the covers. I want to let the day pass me by and try again next week…or next year.

You see I am excited by visions of finish lines and cheering crowds. I am not excited about the marathon I signed myself up for when I said yes to God.

So now what? I’ve run too far to turn around and I can’t just quit and sit down in the middle of the road. (I tried that once and was run over by desire.) I was not created to give up. Neither were you, friend.

On weary days, maybe it’s OK to slow down a bit. Get a drink of Living Water to refresh the soul and refuel. Jog at a steady pace instead of running at full speed. I find my running buddy and plod along a bit. We remind each other we’re not alone.

And then when I catch a bit more wind I will let the Wind carry me. I’ll provide the feet and willing heart. He’ll provide the fuel.

Be brave friends. Press On!

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