Following the leader


My 2 year old wants to be just like my 4 year old. In her mind the differences in gender, age, strength, ability or size don’t matter. She wants what he has and she wants to do what he does and no one can convince her otherwise.

She trusts her brother implicitly. Even if it means taking giant leaps off of very high places for the leg length and stature of a 2 year old girl.

She goes where he goes. She does what he does and says what he says. Sometimes it drives him bananas.

But her? She is proud of herself when she can follow his example, even if she falls flat on her face in the attempt. She finishes the feat with a ‘ta-da’ and waits for applause. And he cheers like his team just won the world series.

I want to be like her.

I have heard Jesus described as our Big Brother. At first I thought the analogy slightly clumsy and a bit odd, but when I watch my daughter interact with her brother I realize there is truth in the comparison.

I want to imitate Christ. I want to  courageously follow him into the unknown and attempt the impossible. I want to trust him, his timing, his leadership. I don’t want to be held prisoner to my fears of failure behind the bars of ‘what ifs’.

I want to take leaps of faith with him and even if I fall flat, I want to   confidently say “ta-da”,  dust myself off, wait for the applause…
and hear my Big Brother cheer wildly as He leads me to the high place to try again. Because I have faith in Him…and He has faith in me.

One thought on “Following the leader

  1. krispyriceqt says:

    I love this one, Lonette! Today, I’m reading emails I guess I missed and this one came up. Just wanted to leave a ‘brilliant’ comment for you! I love your insights…


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