Care Packages…For Your Heart

I love a good Holy Spirit Brainstorm! Mostly it’s just Him downloading his amazing ideas while I take dictation… But it’s my favorite thing to do!

Do you want to hear what He shared with me this week? Yeah… I thought so!

It’s the heart of Jesus and of the Father to surprise ladies during the month of February. So many women feel disconnected and disheartened during this season. So He’s come up with a wonderful idea to minister to the hearts of the Beloved!

This month, we’re mailing care packages to women who need some extra time to care for their hearts. Each package will include:

  • A copy of Waiting Well: Caring for Your Heart While You Wait
  • A Journal and pen
  • A personalized note
  • And a few other treats

Do you know of someone who might be blessed by something like this? Please contact us! We have a limited number of giveaway packages available.

When the giveaway is finished, we’ll invite readers to help cover the cost of additional packages with suggested donation $25 which includes shipping.

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