Day 3: Yes to rest

For me, Sundays are days of rest, worship and family. My husband and I block off the evening to say, 'YES!' to family time. With that said, during #write31days, Sunday posts will be 'quote days'... Enjoy! Feel free to post a fun or thought provoking quote or fun family memory. Most importantly, choose to say … Continue reading Day 3: Yes to rest

Day 2: Yes to Help

#write31days Sometimes YES comes out thick, smooth and soothing like honey. Other times it's barked out like a cough, clumsily and difficult to say. Especially when it comes to accepting help. Maybe it's my pride. Maybe it's the desire to have a controlled environment and when I add other people to that it just makes … Continue reading Day 2: Yes to Help

Emotion rules

We live in a culture that says , 'If it feels good do it; if it doesn't, don't!'  'Do what makes you happy.'   Emotion rules and it cannot be controlled. One negative experience and the accompanying emotions transform a peaceful day into torrential downpour of doubt, anxiety and frustration. Untamed anger wields a sword-like  tongue  … Continue reading Emotion rules