Pure and Simple

“Turn your eyes upon Jesus, look full in His wonderful face…” -Helen Howarth Lemmel These days,  have a burning desire to return to the simple gospel. The simple beauty and profound presence of Jesus. As this desire is stirring in my heart, I am seeing many others speaking this same message of Simple Purity. Holiness.  I … Continue reading Pure and Simple


Each imperfection tells a story about Him. Each one contributes to the splendor of the finished work. You are His Beloved masterpeice. Read today's post for more.

The Beloved

A woman walks into a gallery. It’s one of her favorite places. As she browses among the artwork she comes upon the owner. He is in the back corner working on a new sculpture. He’s been so engrossed in his work that he hasn't closed the shop. He has been working on this same clay … Continue reading The Beloved