Yes! To the unexpected!

I'm not usually a huge fan of surprises. I don't mind surprising others. However, when I am the center of the surprise (especially in a group), I can feel a bit anxious.  But not today!  Today I got my socks blessed off! I felt overwhelmed by gratitude and joy in the unexpected kindness of dear … Continue reading Yes! To the unexpected!

Yes! To the imperfect

This post was totally my husband's idea.  He carves fruit and vegetables and now...pumpkins. No, not jack-o-lanterns. He creates of art. I see a bumpy, bruised and sometimes down right ugly produce that probably should be shredded for soup. He sees patterns, shapes, works of art waiting to be set free that will capture … Continue reading Yes! To the imperfect

We all need them. An ice cold drink after working hard in the summer heat. A note or message from a friend that encourages you to keep going. A smile from a child in the grocery store. A good hard belly laugh that brings tears and makes you slap your knee.   Times of refreshing. … Continue reading