Each imperfection tells a story about Him. Each one contributes to the splendor of the finished work. You are His Beloved masterpeice. Read today's post for more.

I see you…

You’ve been traveling for more hours than you care to count and there are no rest stops in sight. It’s difficult to keep focused on the road ahead when it’s raining and the gps on your phone has stopped working. It’s dark and you’re on a two-lane road, in cow country. You’ve run out of … Continue reading I see you…

Swords up, eyes up.

Olivia is a sweet, flower picking, kiss giving, hug giving girl. She’s sweet and gentle just like the meaning of her first name. Her brother is a warrior who rescues his sister from imaginary dragons with swords. One day, seth decided it would be fun to pretend to be a dragon. Livi shrieked and ran … Continue reading Swords up, eyes up.

Can you hear me now?

I have been without a phone for nearly a week. My children are concerned. My friends are annoyed. And I feel like I fell off the grid. Besides wondering who’s calling, in the silence, I find myself wondering how long He’s been calling… When was the last time I looked into a server’s eyes in … Continue reading Can you hear me now?