From Hollowed to Hallowed…

For months now, I have been awestruck at a most unusual sight… A photo of a tree that has turned into a fountain. I can’t remember how I happened upon this wonder, but every time I see it, my heart is stirred– So much that I’ve printed it out and placed in on my adventure/vision board for 2022. 

I’ve done a bit of research on this tree and others like it. The ones I’ve seen are found in Montenegro and Cameroon. They are planted near (and in some cases on top of) springs – sources of living, moving water. 

When the tree was planted on top of the spring, the rainy seasons would produce an enormous amount of pressure inside the root system. Eventually, the water pressure from the spring eventually caused the tree to be hollowed out in places until the water found its way up and out of the trunk. The tree wasn’t only planted by the source of living water, it became a conduit of the living water. In fact, there are some photos where people are collecting the water into drinking cups.

See the original photo here:

Oddly enough, this reminds me of my children. (I know, weird right?) 

When they were toddlers (and sometimes, even now) they would be so full of exhaustion, there was no reasoning with them. They would scream and wail, flail – trying to fight off sleep. Eventually, they would cry all the tears and finally give in to the rest – falling fast asleep. I knew all along, that was what they needed. Then and only then, I could pick them up and carry them into their bed (or mine). Peace and rest flowed freely to them and when they woke up, they were refreshed. Joy and peace then flowed freely through them and they could fully enjoy the sweetness of the next adventure.

Does it seem as though the pressure is building in your life? 

Maybe you’ve cried all the tears. Or screamed out all the frustration.

Maybe you’re exhausted from doing all the things.

Or maybe you’ve been faithfully serving and now things seem quite still. And you’re just wondering what’s next….

I encourage you to ask Holy Spirit this question, “Where am I planted?” 

If you are planted near The  Spring, The River of Life, the pressure you feel is for your good – if you allow the river to do its work. 

The River of Life flows to the places you feel have been hollowed out and makes those places hallowed – holy.  Holy Spirit works in these places to remove the debris that is getting in the way of your yielding and becoming a vessel the river can freely flow through. 

Where the River of Life flows, dead things come alive. (Ezekiel 47:9)

This can be the season of the greatest fellowship and communion you have ever had. It can be a season where God uses you to pour out Living Water to those who are dying of thirst.

Go on. Take a deep breath. Yield to the Water Way. If you haven’t allowed the tears to flow, let them. Yield to the work of the Life-Giving, Holy Spirit. 

Let The River flow through you, clearing away the debris…Filling your empty spaces and making them holy places.

Let the River move and change your status Hollow (empty) to Hallow (Holy). It’s simple. Just as the word Hollow is changed into Hallow by one letter — your life can change with one choice.

There is life in you, yet to be lived.

There is fruit in you, you have yet to yield.

There is hope in your end. And the end is better than the beginning…

Let the River Flow…

Prayer: Holy Spirit,  I want to get caught up in The River and have life flow through me. Help me yield to the process and pressure of hollowing. Turn this hollow place into a hallowed space where the Living Water can flow through me. 

If you want to learn more about allowing the River Of Life – to flow through you, I’d love to chat or set you up with a team that can help you encounter Peace. Contact me! 

Here’s the abbreviated video version of this message…

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