Two Tips for Soaking in God’s Presence

The original content from this post was published as an article entitled “Time to Soak” in Issue 8 of Ordained Magazine.

When was the last time you had a good soak?

My son could spend hours in the bath – which for a 10-year-old boy is pretty impressive! 

Once, I told him to hop in the shower. An hour later, I opened the bathroom door to find him up to his neck in bubbles, soaking in warm, soapy water. The air was thick with steam and the scent of Old Spice. My boy, eyes closed, was just taking it all in.

As I write this, I remember, this is what it feels like for me in the Glory cloud. Where the presence of Jesus is so thick I don’t want to move and the peace is heavy like a weighted blanket. There’s sweetness in the air that I can almost taste. In this space, the only thought I have is to be overwhelmed with Him. No verbal words are exchanged. The only sound is my heart slowing to match the sound of His heartbeat. 

I soak in this moment, like my son – not worried about the time, or happenings on the other side of the door. The one most important thing is my attention to the Lover of my soul, drinking deeply from Him – The Well of Salvation.

This. This is how I care for my soul. This is how I reconnect with my heart and with His. I don’t use this time for prayer requests, warfare, or even journaling. This is a time to just be. 

The insight and revelation, the intercession, the writing, may come later…but not now.

So, maybe after reading this, you’re thinking, “It’s time for me to have a good soak!” 

Honestly, I want to shy away from giving you a formula- a particular way of making this happen. That can get tricky because what works for me, may not work for you. And the Holy Spirit may have a different idea in mind each time…. But I will give you two tips that seem to be a common theme in my experiences. 

  1. Shhhhh.
    • Quiet your mind. This is a great time to turn off the cell phone. 
    • Still your heart and your lips. This may not be the best time for your prayer list. Approach the moment as if you’ve seen the most awe-inspiring wonder, a moment so special you wouldn’t want to disturb it with too many words. 
  2. Look at Him: Turn your heart toward Jesus in simplicity and focused delight. Then pay attention to what you are seeing, sensing, feeling, and hearing with your heart.

However and wherever you do these things is up to you and Jesus. I’ve experienced his refreshing presence in group settings, alone in my living room, and even lying in a hotel bed preparing to teach on a mission trip. Sometimes there was instrumental music. Sometimes there was no sound at all. Flexibility is key. 

The more my son has found delight in soaking in the tub I have noticed a few things. 

  1. I hardly ever have to fight with him now about bathing! (Again, as a boy mom I am incredibly thankful for this miracle!)
  2. He is in a restful, peaceful, and playful mood when he’s finished. 
  3. Based on his testimony, his sister has started doing the same.

And when I’m finished with my soak, my soul feels cleaner, my heart is lighter and my mind is clearer for having been with Him. I can feel his joy strengthening me. There are times of refreshing that come from the presence of the Lord. 

And maybe, just maybe based on my testimony, some of my sisters and brothers will do the same…

For more on Stillness and The Presence of God, you may find materials and videos by Eric Gilmour and Sonship International to be helpful. 

2 thoughts on “Two Tips for Soaking in God’s Presence

  1. Robin Lemon says:

    Lonette, you’re absolutely right – there’s nothing like a nice long soak. Closing the door and allowing nothing in without your permission. Once in, we can sit under the steam (cloud) that the heat produces. Isn’t it amazing how the steam overshadows the entire space. I’m encouraged to soak it all up so that the aroma lingers once I’ve left the room!

    Liked by 1 person

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