Dig baby, dig!

The other day I took the kids to mine for treasure at a fun little shop near Brevard, NC.  The two older children were thrilled. My four-year-old was excited, but she quickly grew weary of digging and sifting through the sandy dirt because she couldn’t seem to find a treasure that was “big” enough in comparison to the big kids. 

She would dig and then cry and come up basically empty-handed. Have you ever felt that way? 

I came alongside her and said, with a shovel in my hand, “You have to dig a little deeper, baby,”  The real treasure is buried deep. 

Did you hear that? The real treasure is buried deep. 

If you’re frustrated because you can’t seem to find the gems in your wanderings, remember, they’re buried deep. Deep in humility. Deep in adoration of Jesus. Sometimes, deep in the pain.

Sometimes we want others to do the work for us. To affirm us. To tell us about our purpose. To give us perspective on our future. But in reality, there are some places we must be willing to go alone with the Holy Spirit and allow the Light to show us. 

A change in perspective, a little help, and time is what’s needed. 

Dig baby, dig. Get your hands dirty, but keep your eyes fixed on the One who makes everything beautiful in its time. 

Eventually, KK found a geode 🙂 Hard and ugly and Dirty on the outside, full of awe-inspiring beauty on the inside. But that’s another post entirely 🙂 …


4 thoughts on “Dig baby, dig!

  1. Jean Reahm says:

    Your babies have the ultimate treasure: YOU. Beautiful reminder of how life works.


  2. Debbie Hitt says:

    This is so amazing to me. Just yesterday, after a therapy session, and in the middle of a time of feeling frustrated with lack of progress, I just saw an image of me digging down around kind of like a mass and my therapist was digging down on the other side. It’s hard to explain but it was kind of like it was inside me but it was like my issues and the things I’m trying to work through. And I knew that it meant that we we’re going in the right direction but we just needed to dig deeper. I think I have had trouble at times just being willing to trust her and trust God that this is his way for me. What I saw was so meaningful to me and what you wrote is further confirmation. Thank you for sharing.


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