Search and Find

Do you remember Highlight Magazines for children?

I was always frustrated by the picture puzzles. I could never seem to find all the pictures on the list. However, as I enjoy the search with my own children (in the Highlight app) I find them most intriguing. To hide something in plain view of the reader is simply genius. To watch a child study a picture closely and then experience the thrill of finding what he/she is looking for…is just plain fun!

And I’m learning to read scripture and live my life in the same way.

As I mature in the faith, I’m less frustrated by the fact that He’s hidden himself. Now I say, “God I know you’re here because You promised you wouldn’t leave. So, how do you want to reveal yourself here?”

I pull in the paper a little closer. And I find what I’m looking for.

I get down to eye-level and look into my children’s eyes. Put the dishes down and put on the fairy wings. Joy and rest? Yep! Hiding in the “Dress Up” bin.

Joy and rest? Yep! Hiding in the “Dress Up” bin.

I take another look at the difficult friendship. Yes, my friend is still there. Just hidden in the pain. Grace? I found it! Hidden in an invitation to coffee.

I found it! Hidden in an invitation to coffee.

Kindness is hiding in the interaction with the clerk at the grocery store.

Sure there’s drama, or pain or uncertainty. But the funny thing is, I don’t have to look for them, the enemy presents those things quite readily–as a distraction.

I want the things that are not easily seen. I want to mine for the treasures hidden in the darkness. I want to search for Him and find him and be found by Him.

How about you? Can you find Him? He’s hidden himself in plain sight. Not to tease you, but to bring you a little closer.

Don’t resist.

Lean in.

Keep looking! Remember, you’ll find what you look for.

Remember, you’ll find what you look for.

…I earnestly search for you. My soul thirsts for you… Psalm 63:2

Your turn? Where is one place you found God today?

5 thoughts on “Search and Find

  1. Joseph m Fernandez says:

    Yes! Yes!! Yes!!! Lonette….
    I found Him today…
    At my Orthopaedic doctor office visit….where the doctor was more interested in discussing the pregnancy support ministry than he was working on my sore ankle!
    At my friend’s beauty salon, where I had to barge in during the application of rollers to a 95 year old scalp, only to find her nearly in tears from tremendous pain and grief in her life.
    And that was all before lunch!
    God be with you my friend…you have always been one of the “Highlights” in my life!


    • lonettebaity says:

      Joe! You’re amazing and such a source of joy and compassion. I’m so glad you were able to shine His light in the dark places! You’re one of my “Highlights”, too!


  2. Quinnett says:

    Funny. Recently as I was talking to a friend I was saying to her to find Jesus in the midst of the storm because He’s certainly there. Thank you for sharing. I found Him in a hug from the babies, hiding in the pantry from the youngest, and putting together socks.


  3. Robbie says:

    Saying, “enough is enough,” helped me to see God up close today. He wasn’t hiding from me…I was hiding from Him. I can breathe now! Thank You Jesus for revealing yourself to me!!


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