Eat up!

My middle girl has a knack for snacks. Before a meal, after a meal…even during a meal. If she sees it, she wants it.

It drives me crazy. I often wonder if she is really hungry. Especially since we just had dinner… how can she possibly ask for an apple (or another snack) when she has a full meal in front of her?

The truth is, she didn’t want it before. But she saw me putting the groceries away and she knows, if I bought it for our family, she is part of the family…which means she has a right to ask for the it.

My answer to her knack for snacks is often, “Honey, when you eat some of what you have, I’ll give you more.” And when she does, I do.

Enter Holy Spirit. Whispering the same truth into my own heart.

“Use what I’ve given you. And I’ll give you more. “

I often find my self asking for more. More revelation. More wisdom. More power. More passion. More of the Kingdom. Just more…

I have no doubt it’s The Father’s desire to give me more.


“Fear not little flock, it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.”
-Luke 12:32

Sometimes, when I find Him silent,  I realize I am like my daughter.

He has prepared a full meal in front of me. He needs me to eat it, digest it, work it into my spirit-man and out into my daily life.

It may not look as delectable as my most recent request, but the nutrients are exactly what I need to strengthen me before I go onto the “next” thing He has for me.

How about you? Want more? Is there an obedience He is working into your heart? You’re in good company! Eat up. More’s coming!


6 thoughts on “Eat up!

  1. Quinnett White says:

    I love this. It speaks volumes for me right now. Our little become much in the Master’s hand. Use what He has given us…good. Thank you beautiful lady for always sharing.


    • lonettebaity says:

      Sometimes it’s hard to let go of what we have trusting that He will give us much more. I love your beautiful and trusting heart!


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