Obey Your Thirst

Goals. Everyone is talking about goals for the new year. From slimming down the waistline to slimming down the budget.

One of my goals is to be more aware of the words that are coming out of my mouth. To do that I’m becoming more aware of what’s going into my spirit and my body.

One of the results of has been increased water intake. (I know…the connection is a little strange, unless you know me and how the Holy Spirit talks to me.)

I’ve had little more than water to drink this month.

Here’s the interesting thing. The more water I drink, the more thirsty I am for it.


A month or two ago, other than my morning coffee, I would drink very little until dinner time and never think twice.

But not this time. There is something in me that craves it. The more I drink it the more I realized how much I need it and nothing else can quite quench my thirst the way it does.

And so it is with God.

Often we know we need him. We want to know him. The relationship seems a bit elusive.

But oh, to taste Him. To see Him. That He is good…

To be blessed by trusting in Him in a deeper way.

To be filled with righteousness.

Beloved, are you thirsty in spirit? He will only fill those who are thirsty.

He is willing. His is as near as your next breath. If the deeper place you desire has seemed just beyond your reach, press in. As you pursue Him, He is pursuing you, as only lovers do.

Seek Him and you will find Him, when you seek with Him with your whole heart.


One thought on “Obey Your Thirst

  1. Quinnett White says:

    Amen. I need to become more Thirsty for Him. Thank you for challenging us. Love it.


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