Lessons Under the Kitchen Sink

In South Carolina, the pipes aren’t positioned well to withstand extreme cold. Ours are placed on the side of the house just behind the wall, against the siding. With no insulation, the pipes in our kitchen were no match for the below freezing temperatures this week.
I woke up to frozen pipes Friday morning. (Which meant…no coffee…Somebody HELP!)…
As I watched and prayed, the gentle warm air from our space heater slowly work its magic under our kitchen cabinet. It proved just enough to thaw the ice and restore the flow of water, without too much damage.
And that got me thinking about the work of the Holy Spirit…

Have you ever felt like there is a blockage in the flow of the Holy Spirit in your life?
It’s difficult to clearly discern His voice. The distractions get louder and the weariness settles in.
The enemy knows, if he can keep us from focusing on the Prince of Peace, then he can slow our progress. He knows how to keep us just busy enough to slowly wear us down and wear us out. And then we collapse either from fear or exhaustion…Frozen in place.
The gentle breath of God, can melt away the hopelessness and bring restoration.
So here are my take-away’s from the kitchen sink saga…
  1. To keep the pipes from freezing at night, I’ve learned to open the cabinet doors to circulate the warm air. If you’re feeling “stopped up”, care for your heart by reopening the doors of your heart to the Spirit of Jesus… We do this by being intentional and planning times of quiet. Listen. Pray. Read. If you already have a regular time with him, take it to the next level. Listen for Him in the grocery store line or at the coffee shop. How does he want to bring His kingdom through you to someone else?


  2. The second thing I do to prevent frozen pipes is keep the water running at night. As you care for your heart, keep the grace flowing. Grace isn’t a one-time work that happens in a single moment. The power of grace is seen and experienced in a series of moments stretched out over a lifetime of trusting God. The more we trust Him, the more we receive from Him. The more we receive, the more grace can flow to others from us.
Stay warm, beloved. Take care of your heart!
Holy Spirit, I pray for my friends reading this. I pray for the gentle winds of your spirit to blow on them and release a fresh outpouring of your grace and strength. Sustain them with the love of Jesus and restore the flow of Your spirit within them and through them. In Jesus’ name, Amen!

2 thoughts on “Lessons Under the Kitchen Sink

  1. Quinnett White says:

    Amen..Lord let your Spirit flow within me. Melt away those feelings that want to overpower your Spirit. Thank you for sharing. Always sending a word to help God’s children. Love this analogy.

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