Lions, tigers, mountains…oh my!

Recently on a trip Colorado, I decided to drive the short distance from Denver to Boulder. I had the perfect plan. I would find a little café, get a coffee and lunch , go on a hike, then find the a walking trail with an amazing view to have a picnic and much needed quiet time with my journal and my Friend.

I tried to go for a hike. But hiking in Ohio is much different than hiking in the Rockies.

Difference No. 1: There are signs in Boulder that say: “Beware of mountain lions”

Difference No. 2: Mountain air is refreshing, but it is thin. Too thin for a thirty something that is out of shape after three babies…

“No worries,” I said. I decided to drive to the perfect place. I adjusted my plan. I would pull off to a spot high up, with a view, grab my journal and spend time in solitude.

No luck. Each place I found was missing something. The ones with the view were not spacious and too dangerous to park. The places I could park had a terrible view.

I took in the bits of the breathtaking scenery I could while I drove the windy roads up (and down) the mountain. I’d spent half my day chasing after the perfect place to meet God. And not even 5 minutes of journal writing…

My husband was working at the Botanical Gardens. Trying not to be disappointed, I grabbed a few snacks for him and headed there. Not knowing my disappointment, he gave me a ticket to roam the gardens. I was tired but I grabbed my journal and went for a walk.

Did you know, there are no mountain lions in the gardens?

In the garden I found The One My Soul Loves…

It was not what I had planned. But, it was no less beautiful. The Lion of Judah and Lover of my soul, provided a safe, peaceful, life giving place for me to write where I could breathe. And these are the words He spoke to my heart:

I am here. I am here with you, in you– wherever you are. You are frantic, searching for the perfect place. The perfect moment. Always striving. In your search for perfection, you’ve missed what you already have. You’ve passed it up, in hopes for something greater, better–more in line with your thoughts instead of Mine.

It is the main source of your weariness. Spent and worn, your heart is disappointed in Me. But instead of quieting your heart in rest, you work harder, hoping to create an experience . Hoping to ‘get it right’.

In truth, wherever you quiet your heart, THERE I am.

One day, you will be able to climb the mountains. And you will not be afraid of the mountain lions that threaten to prowl and your lungs will be able to take in the thin air and when you get there, I will be there, too.

Until then, I have prepared a place for you that is not what you planned, but no less beautiful. It’s the perfect place for us.

What about you, beloved? Is this season in your life not exactly what you had in mind? Perhaps His encouragement to me, is an encouragement to you. It may not be what we planned, but His ways are perfect (2 Samuel 22:31).

I’ll share more thoughts from my journey soon. But for now, I’d love to hear about the journey you’re on! How is it different than you planned? Where can you see His beauty? Leave a note in the comments below 🙂

3 thoughts on “Lions, tigers, mountains…oh my!

  1. Quinnett White says:

    I’m over here in tears. God’s voice is beautiful and plans are perfect. I’m nowhere near where I thought I would be physically. I thought I would’ve had our own business/organization by now, our children would be halfway through school, and we would be living a dream. Instead, I have grown spiritually (in ways I didn’t know was needed), no children yet, and own my own business just not the one I planned. I’m currently without a physical job, but I’m at peace with all of this because I would rather follow the plan the Lord has for me. I would rather have His presence than my own victory. HIS beauty surrounds me everywhere I go.

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