Swords up, eyes up.

Olivia is a sweet, flower picking, kiss giving, hug giving girl. She’s sweet and gentle just like the meaning of her first name.

Her brother is a warrior who rescues his sister from imaginary dragons with swords.

One day, seth decided it would be fun to pretend to be a dragon. Livi shrieked and ran in fear. Hiding behind me in the kitchen, she said, “Mama, there’s a dragon in the living room!”

“Sweet girl,” I said, “On the Baity team, we don’t run away from dragons. We run toward them! Where’s your sword?”

With giggles and courage-filled shrieks we grabbed our swords and ran toward the dragon.

Dear One,

Does Fear seems to be a constant companion? Does it threaten to steal any hope of victory? Does it rear it’s ugly head anytime you get close to what has been promised?

Can you hear Him? Can you hear the gentle voice of your Father?

“Sweet girl, Where’s your sword?”

Break up with Fear! Use the sword to sever those unholy ties

Today, turn the fight around and instead of running away from the Dragon. Run toward him. He has something that belongs to you!

Swords up, eyes up, Girls! The Lord is your strength!

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