Can you hear me now?

I have been without a phone for nearly a week. My children are concerned. My friends are annoyed. And I feel like I fell off the grid. Besides wondering who’s calling, in the silence, I find myself wondering how long He’s been calling…

When was the last time I looked into a server’s eyes in a restaurant? Looked up from my grocery list app to offer to help another struggling mom in the grocery store? Stopped to smell and pick flowers with my little girl without stopping to look at the time on my phone? Listened to the voice of God come speak through my six year old?

The truth is: God is speaking, always.

The question is: Can I come to a place of quietness and hear the whisper of His heart

…or are my ears filled with the deafening demands of the culture.

The truth is: God is present, always.

The question is: Can I bring myself to stillness so that I can feel the wind of His Spirit brush across my heart  

…or has my heart been hardened by the constant battering of every emotion and care?

The truth is: God is The Answer, always.

The question is: Can I rest and wait confidently for Him

…or will I allow myself to drown in a sea of question marked quicksand?

I am learning to listen quietly, to wait confidently for The Answer. Trusting. Seeing. Distraction-free. 

Take a moment, Beloved.  Go a few hours (or a day) unplugged. You never know, what you might discover. …He is calling!

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