Hope M.I.A.


There are times in life when hope is in question. It is misplaced. Abandoned. Down right Missing In Action.

In those times, we have a choice to make…

We will either run to Him or

Run away from Him.

One of my new favorite stories in scripture is of Mary and Martha (John 11). Lazarus, their brother was deathly ill, they sent word to Jesus, fully expecting him to heal his dearest friend.

He did not. He let Lazarus die.

Can you imagine the earth shattering disappointment? The deep sorrow? The anger?

Yep. Me too.

The longer I walk with God, the more I realize there is so much more to learn about Him.

One thing never changes though. He loves me. I know he loves me. You know what? He loves you too!

The moment Jesus did show up, after Lazarus’s funeral… The first thing Martha did was run to him and shared the raw emotions of her heart. And even though Mary didn’t come right away, when Jesus called for her she, too, came and she took him to the place of her pain.

Then, Jesus wept.

Friends, he gets it! He feels your grief, your disappointment, your anger. There is a fellowship with Him in suffering, that cannot be experienced any other way. This journey, if you choose it, can lead straight to his heart.

Don’t turn away. Don’t run, friend. His heart toward you is good.

Don’t you want to experience his heart? To move past theory to experience? This is it. It is the way to KNOW he is the resurrection and not just “believe” He is!

If you believe…you will see his glory and goodness. You will SEE that He is Hope!

Be brave dear ones. May your hope…our hope…be restored.

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