I see you!


El Roi

There are days, when a girl can feel just downright exhausted. It’s like this…

You’ve been traveling for more hours than you care to count and there are no rest stops in sight. It’s difficult to keep focused on the road ahead when it’s raining and the gps on your phone has stopped working. It’s dark and you’re on a two-lane road in cow country. You’ve run out of snacks, you’ve had too much water and did I mention there are no rest stops nearby? 

 Have you ever been there?  Emotionally? Spiritually? I have.

In those moments it is difficult to remain faithful when I can’t see through the torrential downpour on my windshield. And I feel like that deluge might be a reflection of what’s happening in my heart.

And then I hear the gentle whisper of Jesus. “I see you. I know you. I am here.”

The rain lightens a bit.

And then I see the rest stop or a friend calls or I hear a favorite song on the radio or my children say something that makes me giggle–all gentle kissees from the One who knows me.

He knows you too, Beloved.

Roll down the window and breathe in the fresh rain-filled, summer air. Let your heart be refreshed. You can go a bit longer. You are not alone. The Maker of the Heavens sees you and knows your name!

Stay the course dear friend. Be brave.

One thought on “I see you!

  1. krispyriceqt says:

    This post was waiting for me for when I needed it most! The course has been torturous lately- mostly inside my head. Nevertheless, I needed this beautiful reminder to be brave. I love you!


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