“Mommy, is it time yet?”
“No, Seth not yet.”
10 mins pass.
“Mommy, now?”
“No, not yet.”
“ But you said….”
“Yes I did. And I told you I would come get you when it’s time. It isn’t time yet.”

Waiting is hard. Waiting well is even harder. It doesn’t matter how old you are.

My son knows I will keep my word. But his excitement and anxiety screams louder than the truth of my character sometimes. My four year old and i have a lot in common.

“Papa is it time?”
“Not yet, Beloved.”
“But you said…”
“I did but it isn’t time yet.”

Often feeling defeated after prayer, I walk away wishing time would speed up.

Just like my son. From my limited perspective I feel as ready as I will ever be.

From God’s perspective there is something He is waiting to see develop in me. He is teaching. Pruning. Working. Building. I would do well to trust Him and His timing.

I heard once that God doesn’t move by our perception of time, he goes by our readiness. The same trip can take 40 years or 2 weeks. He will not take us into the promised land until we are ready. And readiness takes as long as it takes.

The question is: What does it take to prepare? How do we wait well?

2 thoughts on “Waiting…

  1. Eres says:

    Thank you for this post! Blessing me this week for sure. I appreciate how you continue to provide reassurance as to what we all may be experiencing all while connecting us to Christ!


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