Past the Plastic


A few weeks ago we discovered a missing Christmas gift. My dad had mailed it weeks before, but in the hustle and bustle, the small package was lost under the couch.

My son found it. After I explained that Papa had sent it for him, he was thrilled. The excitement was short lived and replaced by frustration as he struggled with the packaging. Consequently, he abandoned the gift.

Two weeks later he rediscovered it, unopened and waiting for him in the same place he had left it. This time, his first response was to ask for help. Immediately, he was able to slide into his comfy new star wars PJs and enjoy the gift from his papa.

Friends, I am a lot like my son. Sometimes I just can’t get past the packaging, so I abandon the gift inside. Sometimes asking for help to get started takes more courage than using the actual gift!

How about you? What gift are you missing because the packaging is less than ideal?

Let’s be brave! Ask for help to get past the plastic and grab the gift that is waiting for us! Then share it!

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