Joy: Gift of laughter


Ann Voscamp says, laughter is God’s gift to the weary woman. It is oxygenated Grace.

I love that for three reasons. 1. I am often weary. 2. I need grace. 3. I need oxygen to survive. In my quest for joy, I’ve learned how simply this gift is wrapped and how easy it can be to stamp out this oxygenated  gift.

My irritation drowns it out. Annoyance buries the laughter and instead of my mouth being filled with joyful hilarity, it’s filled with dirt.

And eventually the moment dies.

But I am learning to give in, to invite laughter into the moments of frustration and misunderstanding, tears and messiness and sometimes loneliness. To take a deep breath of this oxygenated Grace and just smile. Unwrapping the good and, precious gift: JOY.

Take a deep breath friend! After the day is complete, perhaps you can share your favorite moment of simple joy.

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