Open a New Box of Joy!


Joy. We feel joyful at Christmas. We feel joyous at the birth a of a child, at a marriage celebration.

2015 is the year joy surprised me.
In January I was charged with opening a new box of joy each day. Over the course of the year, I learned  all the ways I’ve limited joy, relegated its gifts to  small corners of my heart. Exquisitely wrapped boxes, forgotten, unopened…

Once a week over the next three weeks, I’d like to unwrap the boxes together. I’ll share a bit of what I’m learning and you can too.

Ready? I’ll meet you back here next week. Grab your tea (or in my case, lots and lots of coffee) get cozy and we’ll open the first box then! See you soon…

In the meantime, use your imagination.  How would you describe joy? Do you tend to limit it to an experience or emotion?

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