Yes! To the finish line


Small victories. Each day there is a victory. It may be small but say yes to it. Search for it.

This month I said yes to 31 days of writing. It was a bit scary and i was afraid I would fail…but I said yes.

The end is here and I’ve reached the finish line. Thanks for reading. Thanks for being on this 31 day journey with me, friends. Thanks for sharing some of your stories with me. Let’s keep saying YES!

When the month of October is over and I put my laptop away, I plan to make a little more room for YES. I will choose faithfulness and joy and love and to see the heart of others. I will say yes to donuts and dessert before dinner because life is fragile and brief. I will choose to cover myself and those I love with the soft comforting blanket of grace. Keep. Saying. Yes!

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