We all need them. An ice cold drink after working hard in the summer heat. A note or message from a friend that encourages you to keep going. A smile from a child in the grocery store. A good hard belly laugh that brings tears and makes you slap your knee.  
Times of refreshing.

These moments reinvigorate the soul and encourage the heart. They remind you that you are not alone and you are going in the right direction…keep going.

Sometimes my when I’m working online my screen gets stuck and I need to hit the refresh button. I’m not sure if the connection is temporarily lost or if i overload it trying to accomplish too many things in too little time. Perhaps it’s a combination things. At any rate, I just have to let the square-faced dictator have its moment.

Sometimes, my heart gets stuck and God has to press the refresh button, perhaps for some of the same reasons. I am thankful he is much more patient with me than I am with my laptop.  

His time of refreshing comes like the gentle rain drops on a hot summer day–not a downpour but just enough to remind me that I am loved.

I’m grateful that he knows just the right buttons to push and when. Yes! I need refreshing. Don’t you?

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  1. krispyriceqt says:

    You are a refreshment to my soul, friend. Yesterday the little girl of lady I was meeting for the first time ran up to me and stood at my feet looking up as if to say “Pick me up- I love you!” Her mama was shocked and told me “she NEVER does this!” I did pick her up as though she were my own little granddaughter. Can’t tell you how refreshing it was to have that little girl pick me to love! I’m still warm and smilely remembering the moment! YES!


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