Yes! To focus


My husband is a bit of a shutter bug. He picked up the hobby a couple of years ago and he’s really good at it. When we’re both tired of his face missing from the memories, I trade places with him. And that’s when it all goes wrong.

No matter how he simplifies the instructions or presets the camera, I take a handful of photos that come out blurry.

Such is life.

In my current season as I await the arrival of our third child I am reminded of how important regaining and maintaining focus is. During labor and delivery the minute I lose my point of focus, I am immediately overwhelmed by the waves of pain.

And in life. The moment I lose my focus I can feel the waves swell in my soul and threaten to overtake me.

Refocus. Set my eyes on the high and holy calling that currently consists of laundry to be folded, potty chairs to be changed and dinner to be made.

Refocus. Discover the joys that are both hidden and in plain sight.

Yes. Refocus.

Focus your eyes straight ahead; keep your gaze on what is in front of you. Proverbs 4:25

One thought on “Yes! To focus

  1. krispyriceqt says:

    I spent the last week in CA helping my oldest friend in life move her mom to a care facility. As a result, I lost focus…on saying “yes!” with you! Love this, Lonette!


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