YES! To surrender


You’ve got to know when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em. I have to admit, I tend to hold ’em…a lot.

Part of the adventure in life is learning to take risks and I am not a risk taker (insert chicken clucking here). But I must admit, I am learning.

This month I am learning the art of surrender. Sometimes it takes just as much courage to let go as it does to hold on.

Surrender is having the wisdom to accept what I cannot change and perhaps even letting go of those things completely.

It doesn’t have to mean defeat. Surrender is wrestling and resting in the fact that sometimes a task is too big for me. It means knowing that I can hand it over to One who is trustworthy and who can handle it. I think, the ground that is surrendered to the LORD is holy ground. A surrendered heart is one that knows its place and His. It is worship-full.

YES! Surrender.

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