YES! To Love


I met the dearest woman this summer.  A great grandmother, she was sharp in mind and dress. Passionate about life, love, storytelling and faith, she told a fascinating story. I was spellbound as she opened her heart and shared of the hurt and healing she’s experienced over more than 9 decades.

Parts of her story made me shudder. Others made me laugh. Still others caused the tears to well.  She spoke of the power of forgiveness and the impact of being steadfast in prayer. The most important thing I received from our time together was the importance of continuing in prayer with my children.

Sometimes the road is hard. More often than not it is lonely. Harder than anyone knows or realizes who sees my life from the outside. They applaud and smile at my children and think how adorable….and entertaining. But as a mother sometimes the weight I bear is invisible. The battles ensue at midnight when everyone else is fast asleep. The fear threatens to move in, uncertainty not far behind and the questions swirl in my heart and mind. The perfect storm.

But this woman…this woman of 91 years has a key and she shared it freely. Love. Love is the key. It dispels and casts out fear! It encourages and fights. It strengthens and moves. It comforts and is not afraid of suffering. It doesn’t give up, it perseveres.

It believes and bears sturdy under a heavy load. It doesn’t keep a record of wrongs. It is confident and courageous. Love is constant in prayer even when there are no words…

YES! Love. YES! Prayer.

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