YES! To compassion


I love a good story. In fact when I read a novel it plays out in my head, scene by scene like a good stage or screen play. But for some reason, that doesn’t always happen when I read the Gospel stories (in the Bible).

My friend, on the other hand, sees the entire Bible in full color! I love to listen to her describe stories in the Gospels, ask questions and share her insight. (Honestly I’m a little jealous. I wish she could put a little of that in a bottle and sell it to me! I would buy a case of it.) At any rate, most recently she shared some thoughts on a story in the book of Mark regarding a man who was possessed with a demon. The man was so dangerous to himself and others that the people in the town tried to bind him.with chains. Unfortunately, not even the chains could hold him. He cut himself daily and his screams could be heard all over the town. My friend shed light on a fascinating part of the story…Jesus wasn’t afraid of this man. He walks right up to him and sets him free from his tormentors. Talk.about compassion.  My friend imagined Jesus wiping the man’s face and mouth, maybe helping him smooth out his hair, sitting with him, helping him restore his dignity a bit. (Don’t you love that picture? She should write a book!)


Most days, I am not very observant and I’m often in a hurry or distracted….sigh…

But today. Today, I can choose to slow down and engage. Compassion takes courage and and intentionally saying to the need in someone else’s heart. Well let’s give a whirl, shall we? YES to compassion.

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