YES! I’m Sorry


I broke a promise. It happens, you know. Something unexpected comes up altering the plan. A challenge rears its ugly head–tossing my good intentions and calm demeanor out the window and instead of saying YES to peace, I say YES to the thing that gives untimely expression to the tension and aggravation in my own heart.

This time my four year old is witness to the moment of the monster mom.

And he reminds me… ‘Mommy, you promised Jesus you would do this remember? ‘

Oh don’t you love it when God uses child to remind you of repentance and grace?

So I say YES, to repentance. Second chances. Grace. I’m sorry. No qualifiers. No excuses. No ‘buts’. Just a simple, heartfelt, apology.

And my son is witness to this also.  I pray one day the YES to repentance and forgiveness will not be a trickle from a leaky faucet for him… But rather a steady flowing stream that he can drink deeply from and be refreshed. Knowing that as he says YES to I’m sorry, he can also confidently “YES, to I’m forgiven”!

What do you think friend? Does I’m Sorry/You’re forgiven flow like a steady stream or an annoying trickle for you?  What can you do to challenge yourself to simply say YES?

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