Day 4: YES! To friendship


I have some pretty amazing friends. Friends who have taught me how to be a friend. They ask questions and press just enough to see beyond the surface for what’s really going on in the heart. They challenge me to enter into pain and heartache…not to offer an answer but to offer the comfort of knowing that someone else cares deeply and isn’t put off by the pain.

I am blessed with those  kinds of friendships.

I want to be that kind of  friend not for myself and for how it makes me feel, but for the sake of friendship. Today I say yes to a friend. To lay aside the schedule and to-dos and just ‘be’ for a while. Drink in the pleasure of her company over a cup of tea. Hear her heart over the clanging of dishes in the background and reach for her hand, grateful for the gift that she offers by simply being herself. Yes…

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