Day 2: Yes to Help



Sometimes YES comes out thick, smooth and soothing like honey. Other times it’s barked out like a cough, clumsily and difficult to say. Especially when it comes to accepting help.

Maybe it’s my pride. Maybe it’s the desire to have a controlled environment and when I add other people to that it just makes it trickier.

I’ve heard it said (by a very tall, brown handsome man, I might add) that sometimes you say YES to help, not necessarily for yourself but for the person offering.

It is an interesting thought.

No doubt  people offer to help (and say yes to help) for all sorts of reasons.  Helping makes people feel good, useful. It can be a gift to the helper and the recipient.

By saying YES, I am not saying that I can’t. I am choosing to say that someone else can. I say “YES” to valuing someone else’s ability and honor the giver of the gift. YES to the need in another’s heart to be a blessing. Yes to living in community.

Yes to help from one I love. Simply Yes.  
What about you, friend? Is it hard to simply say yes to help? If so what keeps you from saying yes? If not, what makes it easier for you?

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