Playing in the Dark


My kids have an obsession with putting things over their heads and walking around. Yes, it’s a dangerous practice, but it’s also quite hilarious. Please don’t call the bad parent police. From winter hats (in July) to favorite blankies–hide and seek is the name of the game. And everything is all fun and games until someone walks into a door…or refrigerator…or another person.  (Insert giggles here…and maybe an ice pack)

Seriously? What is the obsession with darkness? Even after being told 100 times, “uncover your eyes so you can see, kid”…the darkness is still more fun than the light.

And truth is, I am guilty of this obsession too. In some ways the darkness, the mystery, is comforting. Here, I can allow my fears to surround me, like a blanket. I don’t have to move much here and I can make tiny steps instead of giant leaps of faith. I use the darkness as an excuse for not being faithful or faith-filled. And you know what? Darkness is perfect for cooking up a delectable dish of passive Christianity with just the right amount of discontentment.

Living in the light, however, requires action. Action: Ditch the blinders and slowly adjust to the flood of light.  Apply truth to the fear. Choose contentment. Make the decision to be a thermostat instead of a thermometer.

Today I choose to step into the light and take off the blindfold. I want the light to shine on me, in me, through me.

It’s going to take courage. But…I’m tired of running into things. Aren’t you?

Blankies off on three. Ready? 1…2…

(Scripture Ref. 1 John 2)

4 thoughts on “Playing in the Dark

  1. Tina Glenn says:

    I loved hide & seek…now I’m older if I hide I know when I come out I can say seeking the light was apart of the dark.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. krispyriceqt says:

    Oh Lonette! I so love your words and images. Please…may I have some more?! I encourage you to keep writing and posting and blessing others!
    And…let’s talk!


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